Donald Trump Election Rally, Little Rock, Arkansas

Wednesday, March 2, 2016
Little Rock, Arkansas
Barton Coliseum.

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Little Rock, AR and spoke to a record crowd at the Barton Coliseum. It was announced that the old record was held by ZZ Top
Donald Trump begins by saying,’ America will be taken back again’. He wants to negotiate smartly for landing the best jobs for people, which the dishonest politicians now have failed to do.
He talks about illegal immigration, which has let millions cross the border illegally. And he claims that China, Japan and Mexico are super smart, cunning and sharp with their trade policies. He says that the only solution for the problem is ‘build a wall’.
He maintains that the thousands of people attending his speeches show that there is indeed a big unemployment rate. He guarantees top security, good jobs, best health care instead of Obamacare, which is a disaster.
Trump mentions that it is because of the support of Justice Roberts that Obamacare had happened, when it had been on the brink of being rejected twice. He claims that politicians now at the helm are a bunch of dishonest, incompetent people who don’t make anything happen.
He reveals that he is funding his own campaign, while other candidates are funded by their lobbyists and other supporters.
On the subject of money, he says that so much money is being wasted in the wrong polices. For instance, the VA needs some serious overhauling. Vets are not given the care they need. On the plight of police, Trump says that they are treated badly and that it will not happen under him.
On China, Donald Trump says it is making a fortune out of depriving Americans of their jobs, trade, money, and business. This is the greatest ever theft, one which has left the country with 500 million dollars in trade deficit. He says that it is not that the Chinese leaders are bad but that the American leaders are stupid, while their Chinese counterparts are way too smart.
And another issue Trump takes up is the Iran deal, which he says is the greatest ever catastrophe. The country has given 150 million dollars in return for nothing, which is a big disaster.
He maintains that force is needed to flush ISIS out of the country. The way the Middle East people are beheading Christians, he says that we are living in medieval and worst times. Americans are allowing these people to migrate into their country freely. This is by far the greatest Trojan horse of all times he says.
On the subject of gun control, he brings up the Paris massacre and says that if proper gun control policies had existed, the situation would not be so critical. He claims that Americans need to protect their second amendment to be safe from the gun-wielding terrorists.
On the education front, Trump says that the schools in America are a big disaster. Countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and China have far better education than the US, and they spend less on education than what the US spends. He says even some third world countries have better education than the US.
Trump claims that when he can manage to spend under budget in his campaign, the country can very well spend less on education and get good quality too. He promises to set up the largest fund ever when he wins the elections.
Trump discloses that over 350 billion dollars can be saved on drug bills, when proper negotiations are done. Similarly, he mentions that he can bring the trillions of money belonging to US that is lying outside the country and use it for creating jobs, rebuilding the nation and providing proper care for the people.
He says he is the competent president needed for getting all this done.
He finishes the speech saying that this is an incredible movement, which will make America great again
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