Donald Trump Election Rally, Orlando, FL

Saturday, March 5, 2016
Orlando, FL
CFE Arena.

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Orlando, FL and spoke to a packed house at CFE Arena.

Trump launches his speech about how great a movement his campaign had become and blasts the stupid people who have been running the country and ruining it, which he says is not going to happen anymore. He is not going to let the stupid politicians to ruin the country. While talking about his progress in the past few months Trump mentions how New York Times had mentioned in the front page about the high voter turnout for the primaries, which has not happened in the past 100 years.

Trump then moves on to how he was confident of building the wall with Mexico’s money. He mentions the 58 billion dollar debt the country has with Mexico, saying that the leaders in Mexico were smart while the leaders in USA were stupid and were all talk and no action.  He states clearly that he is not into playing games, and that he would bring about a change for better. He mentions how the police were not treated well and that they have to be given more credit for what they do.

On the Iran deal, he claims that the 150 billion dollars giving by the US was being spent by Iran on buying airbuses from Europe and missiles from Russia. Trump is confident that this would not happen under his leadership. He says he would not have agreed to the deal and would have uses great and smart negotiators and got the prisoners released first.

Saying that the country is protecting Saudi Arabia for peanuts, while they make a million dollars a day Trump promises this would change, if he is voted. Declaring Obama is a disaster, he says that he wants to unite the country, and bring back the jobs from china, Mexico and other countries.

Trump is confident that once he is elected, he would fight the ISIS, which the country is doing a poor job fighting at present with two sets of rules – the country’s and that of ISIS. On supporting the second amendment, Trump cites the Paris shootings saying that had there been proper gun laws the situation would have been different. He was going to make sure the second amendment is protected.

Trump then moves on to common core and Obama care. He wants to get rid of common core, and go for local education and wanted to repeal and replace Obamacare. Trump emphatically says that he was going to get rid of many things, so the country is restored to its original glory.

Declaring that his was a noisy majority, instead of silent majority as the press kept saying, Trump says that the country is great but is led by incompetent leaders, which he is going to change, as the country has done great things to him and he wanted to pay back. He asks the crowd gathered to take a pledge that they will vote for him.

Mentioning about the huge trade deficits with china, Mexico and other countries, Trump states that his first step would be to make America rich again in order for the country to be great again. He promises he would create jobs like never before, make the military powerful, and provide affordable and effective health care, proper care for vets and good education, if he is elected.

Trump ends the speech by saying that he was going to make the military strong, knock out ISIS, take care of education, the borders, and vets, and allow people to enter the country only legally. He asks the people to get out and vote for him on Tuesday March 15.
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