Donald Trump Election Rally, San Diego, CA

Friday, May 27, 2016
Diego, CA
San Diego Convention Center Corporation

Republican nominee Donald Trump holds massive rally at the San Diego Convention Center Corporation in San Diego, CA
Donald Trump begins his speech claiming that the crowd turnout is unbelievable and states that it is a big movement, for which he wants to thank everybody. He vows to make America great again. Speaking on Sand Diego, he says he loves the place and loves vets even more, which is why he was going to make sure they are taken care of well.

Trump mentions about the 6 million dollars he had raised for veteran welfare, and how he had got bad press for such a good deed. He reiterates that he would make the military bigger, better, stronger than ever before and take care of vets for a long, long time. Trump claims that crooked Hillary would not win again as they don’t want another fiver year term of Obama, which is what Hillary’s leadership will look like.
Trump states that he would knock the hell out of ISIS quickly and make the country safe. He explains how the country is in ruins and that he would rebuild it, instead of spending 5 trillion dollars defending and building other countries. He vows that he would build the military and see to the country’s needs first.
Trump states boldly that he would build the wall and bring back the jobs into the country for Hispanics and others. Saying that people have not been faring well for decades, Trump claims he would change everything for the better.
He laments about illegal immigration and how the country is losing billions of dollars in trade deficit to China, Japan, Mexico and other countries. And on trade with SaudiArabia , Germany and other countries, Trump mentions that they are not paying the country for defending them. He says that the country does not win anymore and he would make sure it started winning again in trade, military, jobs and other spheres. He puts the blame on the incompetent and pathetic leadership.
Trump states that he will unify the country and take care of Hispanics, African Americans and others and get them jobs and better living conditions, while Hillary does not want to do anything to them, as she does not care for them.
Trump talks about the huge number of negative ads he is receiving saying that they do not have any effect as he wins in landslides. He vows to run the country with passion and ensure social security, safe Medicare and knock out common core, which has made the education system a big mess. He wants to make education local, and repeal and replace Obama care and protect the second amendment.
On NRA, endorsing Trump for president, he says that it is the first time in history. He wants to renegotiate all the bad trade deals the country has with China, Japan and other countries. He says that the country is being run by incompetent people.
Trump mentions how China has excellent infrastructure, while the US has an infrastructure of the level of a third world country. He says he would not allow it anymore, as he has won the nomination in a big way and was going to win in the election.
Trump ends his speech saying he was going to make the country win in so many things that people were going to go crazy over winning and beg him to stop winning but that he was going to go on winning. He thanks the crowd and asks them to get out and vote.

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