Donald Trump Rally in St. Clairsville, OH

Tuesday, June 28, 2016
St. Clairsville, OH
Ohio University Eastern Campus – Health and Physical Fitness Building

Donald Trump starts his speech in the video by mentioning the suicide bombing in Istanbul, Turkey and expresses his remorse. Then, he proceeds to talking about the intentions of Hillary Clinton on throwing out the miners from their jobs. Millions of Americans are already unemployed, and Hillary wants to give rise to it by allowing 550% more immigrants in the country. Moreover, illegal activities also sharply increase with the arrival of illegal immigrants. China is the biggest abuser, and Trump promises that they will respect America again if he becomes the president.

He mentions that he broke all records of votes in primaries by winning 14 million votes in 37 states. Talking to the people of Ohio, he tells them that unemployment in the state has increased significantly since Bill Clinton signed NAFTA in 1994. America had $1 trillion in trade deficit with china when Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State. Hillary blames Trump for having a strong temperament, which Trump takes in his stride to deal with the terrorists of ISIS in Iraq.

He mentions that ISIS has better equipment than the American army does, they know the better use of internet, and they are spreading like wildfire. They are encourages people to join them. If you were a Christian from Syria, it would be very difficult for you to enter USA, and if you were a Muslim from Syria, things would be very easier for you. Trump is in favor of dealing with ISIS in a tough manner since they do not understand the language of law, politics, and talk. American law does not permit waterboarding, but they do it and chop the heads of thousands of innocent people.

Trump introduces his son, Don Trump to the audience and he gives a brief talk before his father resumes. Donald Trump mentions the false issue of golf, created by the media and laughs over the dishonesty of American Press. He again mentions the currency devaluation done by china to reap benefits. There was an international pact of 6,000 pages, which American trade negotiators did not even go through and other countries read it by heart. He states that Hillary will surely sign the TPP, Trans Pacific Partnership, which will drain the remaining money from the USA.

Talking about trade deficits, he says that we cannot afford to have trade deficits every year and we will be ruined if we do. He says the following things to be done when he becomes the president:

  • I am going to withdraw America from TPP.
  • I am going to appoint the toughest and smartest trade negotiators.
  • I am going to direct the secretary of commerce to identify every violation of trade, all agreements that countries are using o harm our workers. I will direct agents to use all tools under law to end these abuses.
  • I am going to tell our NAFTA partners that we are going to renegotiate the terms in the favor of our workers. If they do not agree, I will submit a notice that America intends to withdraw from NAFTA.
  • I am going to instruct to label China a currency manipulator. It should have been done years ago. Any country who devalues its currency will be given sharp treatment.
  • I am going to instruct US trade representative, to bring trade cases against China in this country and at WTO. If China does not stop its illegal activities, including its theft of USA’s trade secrets, I will employ all my powers under the law, to stop them.

He thanks Bobby Knight for endorsing him in Indiana. Concluding his speech, he says that he will watch out for the American military, the Mexican border wall, the issues of veterans, healthcare, Obamacare, the second amendment, education, Common Core, and jobs. He promises to make America great again.

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