Donald Trump Election Rally, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Friday, July 29, 2016
Colorado Springs,  Colorado
Gallogly Event Center.

Beginning his speech by mentioning Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump says that her speech the previous night was very average. Clinton comments on Trump’s campaign that he does not know how to do it when she herself is losing the game. He says that the Nielson’s ratings have come out, which depict that Trump is leading. He mentions that his convention was better than the republican convention. Trump had more beautiful set and Clinton’s campaign did not even have the American flag. And when he pointed this out to people, Clinton put up so many American flags the next time.

He says that Thursday by Thursday, he is beating Clinton by millions. He congratulates his proponents for getting more votes than ever in the history of primaries. His daughter likes Chelsea and Chelsea likes her, to which, he does not have any objection. He had earlier said that he would hit the republicans hard, which meant, he would defeat them. But the media reported him for being violent. Clinton has not done any news conference in the last 237 days because she fears that she will be asked uncomfortable questions about her email scam.

He mentions that his son is brilliant with computers. However, he despises the non-private nature of emails today. He likes the olden days when it was easy to keep secrets with paper mails. He quotes that General George Paton would never use emails if he were planning an attack. He talks about the bad decisions of Burney Sanders and how his wife was calming him when he was angry on stage.

He talks about the worse effects of NAFTA, which was signed by Bill Clinton. The pact has cleaned out so many states of America. Trump has a friend who is a builder. He builds massive plants, but currently he is also building them in Mexico rather than America. Talking about his Twitter and Facebook accounts, he says that he does not care if someone writes anything negative for him. He just keeps on doing what he wants to.

China is building huge fortresses in the South China Sea and devalues currency to cheat other nations. Even America builds its planes in China. Trump asked Boeing one day what will happen if all of the planes begin being manufactured in China. The representative said that it would never happen without considering the present circumstances. Trump says that China has better infrastructure than America has.

He says that he is a good builder and he knows how to build under- budget and ahead of schedule. Currently, America is funding Japan, Germany, and countries like Saudi Arabia and America pays rent for their bases in Saudi Arabia for protecting their people. Many nations are not paying appropriately for NATO. If Japan is paying 50% of the amount, Trump asks why they are not paying the whole amount.

If Japan is attacked under current circumstances, America has to protect them with their full might. On the other hand, if America is attacked, Japan does not have to lift a finger. Trump mocks the current leadership for taking such foolish decisions.

He talks about a dishonest and disabled reporter, who wrote wrong things about Trump. When Trump mocked him, he was criticized for mocking a disabled man, despite the fact that Trump did not know about his disability. Clinton telecasts false advertisements against Trump to show him in bad light.

He says that America does not win anymore. But he will take care of things if he wins. He will rebuild the military and he promises to make America great again.

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