Donald Trump Election Rally, Raleigh, North Carolina

Tuesday, July 5, 2016
Raleigh, North Carolina
Duke Energy Center

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a President rally in Raleigh, NC at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts, Raleigh Memorial Auditorium
The video starts with Donald Trump introducing Senator Bob Corker. He says that the reason you love Trump is that he loves you. He mentions that he has spent time with Trump’s children, Evanka and Eric.
Trump takes over the mike again and resumes his speech by saying that the numbers have come out and he is performing well in the polls. He says that he has got record breaking 14 million votes in the primaries. He mocks president Obama by saying that he is campaigning with Hillary when he should be working to fight ISIS. America cannot take any more chances and they have to have a president who can curtail terrorism. Hillary plans to induct 550% more immigrants from Syria, which is going to be very disastrous for America. The last time America had a Clinton in the White House, it witnessed really bad times. Watching Obama is like watching a carnival performer.
He says that Obama travels in an old airplane Boeing 747, which consumes much more fuel than needed, and ironically he talks about environment conservation. Even Hillary is allowed to campaign on the plane of the country. He goes on extended vacations on government money when he is supposed to be working. Trump says that it takes guts to do what he is doing, running for president. One gets hit from 15 directions.
He states that he doesn’t want a war in Iraq, but he will be strict unlike Obama, who gives a date of leaving the country. He mocks the Media for wrongly reporting Trump when he said that Saddam Hussain, but he did one good thing about killing terrorism in his country. After him, Iraq has become a Harvard for terrorists.
He states that Obamacare is a killer, which is transforming full timers into part timers. The deductibles are high and premiums are sky high. One has to die a long vicious death to use it. He assures to repeal it. He talks about the email scam of Hillary Clinton. She lied to the media and deleted 30,000 emails permanently to escape the law. He ridicules Bill Clinton for talking about his grandkids and golf to the Attorney General, which should not take more than a few minutes, but he killed significant amount of time. He says that Hillary mentioned in her speech about letting the Attorney General continue his tenure, which is a form of bribe. He says that America cannot afford more deals like the Iran nuclear deal.
Talking about rising unemployment in America, he says that he will bring back the jobs. He accuses Hillary for taking donations from entities who lobbied for her, to the Bill Clinton foundation. 60 entities donated $26 million to the foundation. Many of these countries enslave women and throw the gays off the building. Trump says that he will be better for women and gays than Hillary can ever be on her best day. He states several statistics about the Clinton family regarding their corruption.
He tells his people that in 2009, before Hillary took office, Libya was cooperative, Syria was under control, Iraq was witnessing a reduction in violence, and Iran was financially choked. After she left, ISIS controlled a huge portion of Iraq, Syria, and Libya. Iran has become a huge nuclear power.
He declares that America needs a change in terms of tough, bold ideas. He is not in favor of isolation, but they have to be strict with unfair countries like China.
Concluding his speech, he says that he will take care of second amendment, Obamacare, healthcare, education, terrorism, borders, and the Mexican wall. He promises to make America great again.
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