Donald Trump Election Rally, Jacksonville, Florida

Wednesday, August 3, 2016
Jacksonville, Florida

GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a President rally in Jacksonville, Florida on 8/3/16

Presidential candidate Donald Trump begins his speech by appreciating the crowd. He wishes that the press reports the crowd as it is. He mentions that he recently came to know that America took cash worth $400 million from different places in different currencies to Iran. He wonders how Iran is going to use that cash. He says that it was probably the hostage money. This shows that America has incompetent leaders.

He says that an amazing guy came to him one day and presented Trump with his original purple heart. He placed his faith in Trump saying that he is the only one who can lead the country. He mentions that our country is currently lead by lobbyists and special interests. Obama is grossly incompetent and a terrible president. He is scared to use the term- Radical Islamic Terrorism. On the other hand, he gives a speech for half an hour to explain why he should not use the term.

Talking about the American police, he says that it has never been so dangerous to be in police as it is now. He says that he will get rid of common core and make education local. He mentions that his people are building the old post office in Pennsylvania and they are way ahead of schedule and under the budget.

On the opposite, American authorities are building a hospital, which is $1.2 billion over the budget. He mentions his friends, one of whom is in the trucking business. That friend of Trump says that his trucks are getting destroyed because of the terrible condition of the roads. Another friend of Trump says that America is not doing well, but Mexico is developing brilliantly because the companies are moving out of Jacksonville, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and settling down in Mexico.

Trump mentions that NAFTA was the beginning of a disaster, and TPP is the second disaster. America does not pay heed to the 5,000 page agreement, but other countries have digested every word of it. He says that he will repeal and replace Obamacare. He promises that the manufacturing of Apple iPhones, cars will be back in America. He also says that he will not let China devalue its currency. He talks about the $800-billion trade deficit of America. He says that America used to make more money 18 years ago. However, now because of Obamacare, Americans have to take up an additional part-time job.

Mentioning an incidence with a person, he says that he draws his energy from his love for America. He does not use Teleprompters like Hillary does. He says that 16,500 border patrol agents endorsed him, along with Sheriff Joe and National Rifle Association. He says that American military is depleted and starved for months. He says that he has got common sense and business sense. He had said earlier that NATO was obsolete because it does not cover terrorism. Japan pays only 50% of what it should pay.

Concluding his speech, he promises that he would not let the veterans perish. He says that he would get rid of common core and bring local education, bring the jobs back, restrict illegal immigrants, and appoint better justices in the Supreme Court. He vows to make America great again.

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