Full Speech: Donald Trump Huge Rally in Golden, CO

Saturday, October 29,2016
Golden, Co

GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump held his presidential rally in Golden, CO at the Jefferson County Events Center on 10-29-2016
Donald Trump begins his speech by saying that people should get those ballots in. Obama said a lot of great things about Obamacare, but it did not work out. He asks who all from the audience has sent their ballots and gets the answers from more than 70% people in positive. America has almost 2.7 million people in one state and some of them are registered in more than one state. He says that in ten days, they are going to win Colorado and win back the White House. He says that they should vote to enable him to repeal and replace Obamacare, the premiums of which are going to be raised by 60%- 70% in Colorado and by 116% in Arizona. He says that the American companies are leaving, insurers are fleeing, doctors are quitting, and the deductibles are going through the roof. 90% of the counties in Colorado are losing their insurers.
Bill Clinton had earlier admitted that Obamacare is a mistake. Jonathan Brooper, the architect of Obamacare admitted that it was a fraud and it happened because of American voters. He wants the votes of Americans so that he can abolish Obamacare and he has a better and less expensive plan. Real change means getting rid of corruption and restoring honesty in the government.
Trump says that FBI has reopened its investigation against Hillary in the matter of deleted emails. She bleached and deleted 33,000 emails after receiving the congressional subpoena and lied to FBI several times. Wikileaks has revealed that the degree of corruption is highest with American government. He says that the legal process took a long time to investigate the matter and FBI had to fight the Department of Justice as the latter was trying to protect her. Bill Clinton had held a private meeting with the Attorney General.
Oma has not been given any security because she knows the truth about Hillary. On the other hand, James Cartwright will serve five years in jail because he lied to the FBI once for the reason of national security, but he had done only a fraction of what Hillary had done. Public corruption is a threat to democracy, government corruption is like cancer. Trump says that his contract with people is to end corruption. He wants the entire Washington state to hear the phrase when they win; they will ‘drain the swamp’.
He plans to unleash the power of American energy including shale, oil, natural gas, and clean coal. He plans to cut the taxes from 35% to 15% for the middle class. He promises to put the steel workers and miners back to work as they love their work. He wishes to make America safe and rich again, but Hillary plans to bring in 550% additional Syrian refugees. Trump plans to suspend the Syrian refugee program and build safe havens for them in Syria itself. The plans of Hillary will bring generation of crime, terror, and radicalism, but he will keep Radical Islamic Terrorism out of the country.
Trump promises to build the wall on the American- Mexican border at the expense of Mexico. He talks about peace through strength.
Trump asks people to imagine what they could accomplish in the first 100 days of Trump administration. He will have the biggest tax cuts since Ronald Regan, but Hillary plans to raise them; eliminate every unnecessary job killing regulation, cancel every illegal Obama executive order, protect religious liberty, take care of the great vets, provide school choice, put an end to common core, bring education local, support people of law enforcement, save second amendment, NRA endorsement, appoint justices to the Supreme Court to uphold the constitution of America.
Hillary has been ruling for 30 years and has accomplished nothing. She now plans to do a lot of things, which are just fake words. He promises to unite the country and win in every crucial matter. He says that he does not like the concept of ballots, but people should follow their ballots and make sure it is registered and counted. He says that they are only ten days away from victory and he promises to make America wealthy, strong, safe, and great again.

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