Donald J. Trump delivers speech in Jacksonville, FL

Thursday, November 03, 2016
Jacksonville, FL

GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump Delivers His Final Florida Speech Of This Election In Jacksonville
Donald Trump begins his presidential speech by saying that in five days, they are going to win the great state of Florida and win back the White House. He asks his supporters to vote and questions who has already voted. He tells people that FBI is conducting criminal investigation on how Hillary Clinton had put her office for sale in violation of the federal law. The investigation is described as high priority by FBI and it will yield results.
He also tells that a four- star general is going to face five years in jail for doing just a fraction of what Hillary has done. However, he will face the trial and Hillary escaped completely. That is why; Trump says that the system is rigged. Nevertheless, the FBI is doing the great job as they saved the laptops of Hillary, which were meant to be destroyed. They have found 650,000 emails from Hillary Clinton, which she had deleted after receiving the congressional subpoena.
Trump says that if Hillary wins, the country will witness unprecedented congressional crisis. He asserts that America needs someone to protect the borders, a person who can go in and do the job. He questions why Obama has not been in his office for so many days. He should stop campaigning for Hillary and come to office. Trump says that America is soon going to have a government of, by, and for the people.
Trump mentions Obamacare in Florida, which is soon going to witness 116% upsurge in premiums. He says that the insurance is high, premiums are surging, insurers are fleeing, and still Hillary wants to keep this policy. He says that the real challenge is to restore honesty to the government.
He alleges that Hillary was given the debate questions in advance by Donna Brazile. If Trump was given those questions, it will be all over the headlines. Donna was fired from CNN, but not from DNC. He says that Hillary should also be fired since she is not eligible to fight for president.
Trump says that he is going to win on November 8 and together they will drain the swamp. At the core of his contract, he will bring back the jobs that America has lost. America has lost 70,000 factories since china entered the World Trade Organization. He promises to lower the taxes from 35% to 15%, but Hillary wants to raise the taxes. He promises to use that money to save the environmental and infrastructure of the country, have crystal clean water, immaculately clean air, and border safety.
He mentions that thousands of people have been shot in America since January 1, still the Press is guarding Hillary Clinton. He suggests that American military should make secret plans, but Hillary wants 550% increase in bringing immigrants, which means generations of crime, radicalism, and terrorism.
Trump says that he will suspend the Syrian refugee program and keep the Radical Islamic Terrorism put of America. He will build safe havens in Syria using the trade deficit of other neighboring countries. The border patrol agents have told Trump that the border crisis of America is at his worst.
As a Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton had allowed had let many dangerous and violent criminals let to just because their home countries refused to take them back. She supports open borders and sanctuary cities like San Francisco. A Trump administration will stop all funding to sanctuary cities and deport all criminal aliens from the country.
He says that his administration will rebuild the military and his foreign policy will put America first. He says that the biggest bank in the world is his tenant in Manhattan. China is building fortresses in South China Sea. Other countries have dragged America into foreign wars. America fights for the borders of others, but cannot defend its own borders.
He plans to impose 35% taxes on imported products made by companies that left America. He asks people whether justice will be done or not. He says that he is fighting for every American who is fighting for truth and justice, not money, who can unlock the potential of every American community. He promises that together they wil make America strong, wealthy, safe, and great again.

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