FULL EVENT: Donald Trump MASSIVE 20K Rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania

Friday, November 04,2016
Hershey, Pennsylvania

GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a presidential rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania at the Giant Center 11-4-2016
Donald Trump begins his speech by saying that in four days, they are going to win the state of Pennsylvania. He says that real change begins by repealing and replacing Obamacare. Pennsylvania is going to witness double- digit hike close to 116% in the premium of Obamacare as Arizona did. However, they do not need to worry about renegotiating it since Trump promises to repeal it. He says that Hillary wants to raise the taxes substantially, but he promises to reduce them from 35% to 15%.
He mocks Hillary Clinton for inviting Jennifer Lopez or Jay Z to her rally to pull crowds. He says that he did not bring any guitar or piano, but himself. He mentions that FBI has responded to criminal investigation against her for deleting thousands of emails after receiving the congressional subpoena.
John Podesta has said that Hillary has bad instincts and judgment. Trump questions her candidature for presidency. If she ever goes into the oval office, she will rob the country. He says that at the core of his contract, he will bring back the jobs that America has lost. America has lost 70,000 factories since china entered the World Trade Organization, which is again a deal backed by Hillary and Bill Clinton. He says that on November 8, he is going to win and together they are going to drain the swamp.
He plans to impose 35% taxes on products imported by companies who left America. He promises to renegotiate NAFTA. He calls on stage a couple whose son, Riley recently passed away. Riley was a great supporter of Trump at an early age. Trump says that plans of Hillary will import generations of crime, radicalization, and terror.
He alleges that the Obama administration pays $1,500 to people to protest and be violent in the Trump rallies. He mentions to build a wall on the American- Mexican border. He says that the largest bank of China is his tenant in Manhattan. He is not angry at China, but his own leaders.
He says that nobody respects Obama. He behaves like a cheerleader for Hillary in the campaigns. He mocks Obama for not working and his terrible deals. He says that as Secretary of State, Hillary allowed thousands of criminals to go free because their home countries refused to take them. He says that they will not bring anyone back again. Even if they do, the criminals are going to face 1- year jail for the first time and 5- year jail for the second time, which will prevent them from coming ever again.
He alleges that Hilary supports sanctuary cities like San Francisco. He promises to rebuild the depleted American military. He says that $1.7 billion was given in cash to the terrorist nations, which emboldened them and set them on the path of nuclear weapons. He mocks the current leadership for revealing their plans and holding the press conference too early.
Trump’s new foreign policy will put America first and will not have open borders. He asked the recipients of Medal of Honor how they felt about having Hillary Clinton as president and they replied terribly against her.
He promises that within hundred days of his administration, he will have the biggest tax cuts, eliminate unnecessary job killing orders, wasteful executive orders of Obama, take care of the vets, provide school choice and bring local education, support people of law enforcement, save the Second Amendment, and appoint finest justices to the Supreme Court.
He says that Americans will soon have a government of, by, and for the people. Together, they will make their country wealthy, strong, safe, and great again.

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