FULL EVENT: Donald Trump Rally in Sioux City, Iowa

Sunday, November 06, 2016
Sioux City, Iowa

GOP Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump held his presidential rally in Sioux City, Iowa on 11-06-2016

Donald Trump begins his speech by saying that he did not need to be in Iowa, but he had come there for the people of the state. He invites Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds on stage, who is the longest serving governor in the history of the United States. Trump plans to make him the prime candidate to take care of China. He also invites Steve King, and Johnny Earnest and urges people to vote for them whenever they run. Trump says that they are going to win Iowa and win back the White House.
Trump says that real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing Obamacare and restoring honesty to the government. He says that Iowa is soon going to witness double digit hike in the premium of Obamacare up to 116%, which is becoming out of control. Over half of the counties in Iowa are going to lose most of the insurers. He says that the American companies are leaving, insurers are fleeing, doctors are quitting, and the deductibles are going through the roof.
Trump says that he wants the votes of Iowa to repeal Obamacare. If Hillary wins, it would create unprecedented constitutional crisis and they would have a sitting president with felony charges. He says that they need a government who can go to work on day one and Hillary is not going to do it.
If Trump wins, America is going to start winning again. Hillary wants to cut down social security and medicare, but he is going to protect it. The media and political elite do not understand the pain workers go through. Trump says that he had been an insider for many years, but he chose to be an outsider since June 16 of last year. He mentions that many people from the side of Berney Sanders are joining their campaign as they agree with their trade policies and their stance on trade is tougher and smarter.
He mentions that $150 billion went to Iran and then $400 million went out, which turned out to be $1.7 billion. This money could have been used to rebuild America twice.
Trump says that his administration will build the wall on the American- Mexican border and Mexico will pay for it. His plan for jobs begins with the proposal to lower taxes from 35% to 15% for family farms. He will protect corn based ethanol, but Hillary plans to shut down family farms and increase the death tax.
He will reverse the Obama- Clinton EPA intrusion into family farms and eliminate job killing regulations. He wants clean air, clean water, and safety for America. He plans to rebuild the inner cities and protect African Americans and Hispanic communities. He mocks Obama for revealing his plans on attacking Moso. He says that the plans of Hillary will bring generations of crime, terror, and radicalism. He says that when he will become president, he will suspend Syrian refugee program and keep Radical Islamic Terrorism out of America. He will build safe zones in Syria with the help of gulf countries that have significant money.
Trump says that he cannot let the immigrants come into the country and he will secure and defend the borders of America. He alleges that as Secretary of State, Hillary allowed thousands of illegal criminals into the country just because their home country refused to take them back. Thousands of Americans would have been alive today,, if the policies of Hillary were not in place.
He plans to stop illegal immigration, deport all criminal aliens, and dismantle every last criminal gang and cartel threatening our citizens. He plans to let people come to America, but legally. He mentions that more than 200 admirals and generals, and 22 Medal of Honor recipients have endorsed him. Hillary spent $6 trillion in the Middle East, but failed to stabilize it. Trump intends to put the interests of America before those of foreign nations.
Trump asks people to imagine what they could accomplish in the first 100 days of Trump administration. He will have the biggest tax cuts since Ronald Regan, but Hillary plans to raise them; eliminate every unnecessary job killing regulation, cancel every illegal Obama executive order, protect religious liberty, take care of the great vets, provide school choice, put an end to common core, bring education local, support people of law enforcement, save second amendment, NRA endorsement, appoint justices to the Supreme Court to uphold the constitution of America. He says that together, they will make America wealthy, strong, safe, and great again.

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