President Trump Participates in a Bilateral Meeting with the Prime Minister of Ireland

Shannon, IE

This video is about President Donald Trump’s meeting with the Prime Minister of Ireland in County Clare, Ireland on June 5, 2019. Prime Minister Leo Varadkar welcomes President Donald Trump and all the members of the press who traveled there.

President Trump says that they have become friends over the last very short period of time. He remarks that Ireland is certainly one of the leading countries in terms of people moving and living in the United States. Trump says that it is an honor to be there and they will be discussing various things.

One of the reporters asks him whether Brexit will be bad for Ireland or not. Donald Trump says that no, he thinks it should be good and ultimately, it could even very, very good for Ireland but the border will work out.

Another reporter asks Trump’s views on the President’s comments, where he said his stance on climate change was pernicious and reckless. Trump replies that he has not heard those comments. He adds that they have the cleanest air in the world and the cleanest water. He says that they are setting records environmentally.

A reporter asks Trump if he is concerned that Ireland is not sufficiently worried about the threat from Huawei. President Donald Trump says that they are working together very much with not only Europe but with Ireland. On the E3 visa, he says that they are looking at that and he thinks that they are going to be successful.

Another reporter asks Trump that as the USA is co-guarantor of the Good Friday Agreement, what assurances he can offer the government in helping to protect peace in Northern Ireland and avoid a hard border. President Trump remarks that they are going to have to see who’s going to be Prime Minister in the UK before that. He adds that once that happens, that person will get in and try and make a deal. He says that he does not think the border is going to be a problem at all.

On the corporation tax, President Trump says that is a very low tax but they have done a great job in Ireland. He says that they have a lot of great companies here; their Prime Minister should try keeping it low. He informs that they are having a meeting at 3 o’ clock today regarding tariffs with Mexico. President Trump states that he thinks that China and Mexico want to make a deal. He adds that Mexico wants to make a deal and they sent their top people to try. He says that they will see what happens that day.

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