Exclusive: Trump sits down with Ingraham on 75th anniversary of D-Day

FULL INTERVIEW: President Trump goes one-on-one with Laura Ingraham during his trip to France commemorating 75 years since the Allied forces took Normandy beach during World War II. #IngrahamAngle #FoxNews

This video is about President Donald Trump’s interview with Laura Ingraham on the ‘Fox News’ channel on June 6, 2019, in Normandy, France. Laura Ingraham asks for his message for Americans about the importance of this history and their shared ideals. President Trump says that there was never a more important battle or event than the event 74 years ago.

Trump adds that it was a special day and it is an honor to be there. The reporter asks about his views on foreign policy experts who were predicting that he would fracture NATO and American would become isolationists two years ago. Donald Trump retorts that those people have failed so badly. He exclaims that Secretary Stoltenberg said without Donald Trump maybe there would be no NATO.

President Donald Trump says that they have gotten over $100 billion from other countries. He adds that they were really paying close to 100 percent of NATO, where they were paying to protect all of those European nations. He mentions that it is unfair that Germany is still paying one percent, where they protect Germany and then, Germany takes advantage of them on trade.

Ingraham asks about his views on the remarks made on him by Angela Markel. He retorts that she has to say what she has to say. On Mexico tariffs, Trump says that he views tariffs in two phases. Firstly, it is great to negotiate with because people do not want to be tariffed from coming into the United States. Secondly, they are going to make fortune as companies are going to move back into the country.

President Trump says that he wants people to come in legally and a merit-based system. He adds that he has told Mexico to stop this onslaught or invasion. He states that they send in $500 billion worth of drugs, they kill 100,000 people, and they ruin a million families every year, which is all an invasion without the guns.

The reporter asks if he is worried about how this might affect the USMCA. Donald Trump says they do not need them but Mexico needs them. He states that they stole 32 percent of their car business with NAFTA. On Nancy Pelosi, Trump says that he does not think she is a talented person. He adds that she is incapable of doing deals.

Laura Ingraham mentions the meeting between President Xi and President Putin yesterday, where they announced new trade deals. Trump says that they are going to have a good relationship with Russia. He adds that they have created trillions of dollars in value and by the way China has lost trillions of dollars in value. Back on Mexico, he says that if Mexico does not do what they are asking them, he is putting the tariffs on.

President Trump ends by saying that he is going to keep the conversation going with the Queen. He says that she is a spectacular and incredible woman.

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