President Trump Delivers Remarks at the Hispanic Heritage Month Reception

The White House

This video is about President Donald Trump’s remarks at the Hispanic Heritage Month Reception at the White House on September 27, 2019. Trump starts by saying that they come together to honor the devotion, the drive, faith, genius, and exceptional achievements of their incredible Hispanic American community.

After that, Vice President Mike Pence remarks that Americans gathered in that room and all they represent stand for everything that’s great about this country and everything that this President and this administration fight for every day – faith, family, and freedom. Trump remarks that last week, he had the privilege of awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a phenomenal member of the Hispanic American community, the legendary pitcher of the New York Yankees – Mariano Rivera.

Donald Trump says that thanks to their pro-American economic policies, Hispanic Americans are thriving like they have never thrived before. He says that they have created more than 6 million new jobs since his election. He says that more than 1 million Latinas have entered the workforce. He adds that Hispanic American unemployment right now is at the lowest level in the history of their country. He states that since 2016, Hispanic American median household income has risen by $1,500, and is now the highest level in the history of their country.

After that, the President and CEO of Nation Waste Inc. – Maria Rios says that she loves creating jobs for more Americans. She adds that she is the first Latina in the waste management industry in the country, and the largest multi-million dollar company in the state of Texas. She thanks Mr. President for all that he is doing for this great country.

President Trump informs that his daughter, Ivanka, traveled to South America, including Colombia, Paraguay, and Argentina, to highlight the W-GDP initiative and the administration’s commitment to empowering women all around the world. He states that they have achieved record funding for the U.S. military, two and a half trillion dollars over the last three years. He adds that they delivered a beautiful pay raise also for every soldier, sailor, airman, coast guardsman, and Marine.

Trump says that they are also incredibly thankful for the thousands of Hispanic Americans serving on the frontlines, protecting their borders. He says that Mexico has been a tremendous help to them as they have 27,000 Mexican soldiers on their southern border. He reports that more than half of their Border Patrol agents are Hispanic, and more than a quarter of their ICE agents. He remarks that they have confronted the corrupt communist dictatorship in Cuba, cancelling the last administration’s one-sided deal with the Castro regime.

Donald Trump informs that the United States and their partners have also built a historic coalition of 55 countries dedicated to the future of democracy for the people of Venezuela. He adds that America stands with the brave people of Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela in their righteous struggle for freedom. He ends by thanking the Hispanic Americans for making America greater than ever before.  

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