President Trump Delivers Remarks at the Young Black Leadership Summit 2019

The White House

This video is about President Donald Trump’s remarks at the Young Black Leadership Summit 2019 at the White House on October 4, 2019. He begins by stating that they have the greatest economy they have ever had. Terrence Williams remarks that Democrats have done nothing for the black community. He adds that 2020 is around the corner and they have a lot to lose now because President Donald Trump has done so much for the black community.

Donald Trump says that thanks to their pro-American agenda, the economy is booming, wages are rising, and poverty is plummeting. He states that last month, the unemployment rate dropped to the lowest level in over 51 years – 3.5 percent. He adds that the unemployment rate for African Americans is at the lowest it’s ever been in the history of their country. He exclaims that the African American poverty rate has reached its lowest level in the history of their country.

Trump remarks that the wall is being built. He exclaims that they are adopting “Buy American” trade policies to stand up for their workers. He adds that their tax and regulatory reforms are stopping the outsourcing of jobs. He says that to keep their cities safe, they are supporting the brave men and women of ICE, Border Patrol, and law enforcement. He remarks that they passed criminal justice reform.

President Donald Trump says that while they are fighting for the American style of life, the hard left and the radical left is working to crush the rule of law, abolish individual liberty, and exert an influential control over their lives. He adds that left wing has launched a campaign against free speech.

Trump states that Kearyn Bolin who is the President of the Texas State University has defended the right to free speech. Kearyn Bolin says that at her college campus, they tried banning Turning Point. She exclaims that they fought very strong and they prevailed. She says that their generation plays a very important role in saving their First Amendment rights, and they will continue to do so.

Donald Trump remarks that he signed an executive order regarding public colleges and institutions closing down free speech will risk losing billions and billions of dollars that they give them. He ends by saying that they will beat any challenge and overcome every obstacle. He says that they will achieve a glorious future of American greatness beyond their wildest dreams.

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