President Trump and The First Lady Attend the New York City Veterans Day Parade

President Trump and The First Lady Participate in a Wreath Laying and Deliver Remarks at the New York City Veterans Day Parade

This video is about President Donald Trump’s remarks while attending the New City Veterans Day Parade in New York on November 12, 2019. He begins by stating that they come together as one nation to salute the veterans of the United States Armed Forces that day. He states that to every veteran with them, to the thousands preparing to march on 5th Avenue. He states that let’s show their profound appreciation to the 2019 grand marshals of the parade who have served in World War Two, Korean, Vietnam, the Gulf War, and Iraq.

Donald Trump states that that morning, over 30,000 patriotic Americans line the streets of Manhattan, they carry on a noble tradition that began one century ago. He says that each year, that parade highlights one branch of their military. He says that this year, they honor the elite masters of air, land, and sea.He informs that yesterday they celebrated the Marines’ 244th birthday.

President Trump remarks that last week, he was honored to award the Presidential Citizens Medal to an extraordinary American, Rick Rescorla. He states that just a few weeks ago, American Special Forces raided the ISIS compound and brought the world’s number on terrorist leader to justice. Trump remarks that in a few weeks, they will mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, which was their nation’s bloodiest battle of World War Two. Trump reports that in just a minute, they will have a moment of silence and they will lay a wreath at the Eternal Light Monument. He remarks that they will protect their liberty, uphold their values, and defend their home.

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