President Trump Participates in a Roundtable Discussion

President Trump Participates in a Roundtable Discussion on the Governors Initiative on Regulatory Innovation

This video is about President Donald Trump’s remarks at a Roundtable Discussion on the Governors’ Initiative on Regulatory Innovation at the White House on December 16, 2019. Trump says that they have had a very big day in the stock market that day. He says that they have cut tax regulations like nobody in the history of their country. He exclaims that with African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic Americans, they have the best job numbers, unemployment numbers, and employment numbers too in the history of their country.

Donald Trump states that more people are working in the United States than at any time ever in their history. Then, Vice President Mike Pence says that Mr. President is committed to revive the American economy. He says that they have fought for free and fairer trade deals that were announced, the USMCA next week, phase one on China, and the Korea deal. He adds that it has been the regulatory initiative that Mr. President made a priority in this administration that has also been driving 7 million jobs created by large and small businesses. 

Next, Governor Ricketts says that he signed an executive order freezing all regulatory rulemaking until the regulations have been reviewed. He adds that they were able to cut the amount of regulation by 59 percent in their Department of Environment and Energy. State Representative Townsend remarks that they are their third-largest oil producer, sixth-largest natural gas producer. He says that in the last two years, they had $2 billion of surplus revenue to that state because of this industry.

Governor Hutchinson congratulates President Trump on both the USMCA and the first phase of the China trade. He thanks Trump for his leadership on regulatory reform. Secretary Scalia remarks that the experts were saying they’d add about 180,000 jobs and they just blew out with 266,000 additional jobs and then adding 41,000 in September and October. Next, Lieutenant Governor Reeves says that they have 88,000 more people working in Mississippi today than was working eight years ago. He adds that it is the fact that good policies work.

Governor Dunleavy says that they have now record unemployment in Alaska. He adds that their GDP is up now two quarters in a row. He remarks that they are looking at 239 different regulations to either modify or roll back in over 100 professions. Donald Trump states that they did a very big thing on ANWR. He says that they have a tremendously successful country, where their military is totally rebuilt and their vets are being taken care of. He adds that they have Choice and Accountability.

A reporter asks Trump if he is concerned about North Korea at all right now. Trump answers that they are watching North Korea very closely. Another reporter asks how much Giuliani has shared with him about his recent trip to Ukraine. Donald Trump answers that not too much, but he is a very great crime fighter.

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