Trump Meets with Pharma Executives About Coronavirus | NBC News (Live Stream)

President Trump, Vice President Pence and members of the Coronavirus Task Force meet with pharmaceutical executives.

This video is about President Donald Trump’s remarks at a meeting about the coronavirus with pharmaceutical executives on March 2, 2020, at the White House. Trump begins by stating that today, they are meeting with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to discuss how the federal government can accelerate the development of vaccines and therapeutic treatments for the coronavirus. He says that they are working very hard to expediate the longer process of developing a vaccine.

Donald Trump states that he ordered sweeping travel restrictions, increased travel advisory levels, established screening measures, and imposed historic quarantines. He adds that the White House Coronavirus Task Force, led by Vice President Mike Pence, has been meeting daily and coordinating closely with the state and local governments. Next, Mike Pence informs that they hosted a video and telephone conference call with 53 governors. After that, Alex Azar reports that they tragically have experienced several more deaths reported today. He says that the emergency supplemental is moving along very rapidly.

Emma Walmsley says that their priority is to make sure they make available their pandemic adjuvant technology available to any company with a highly promising vaccine. She adds that they have already announced two collaborations. She says that they are also ready to produce a stockpile of this adjuvant. Next, Dr. Tony Fauci says that they are involved in the fundamental, basic, and clinical research to develop countermeasures in the form of therapeutics and vaccines. After that, Bob Redfield, the Director of CDC remarks that if there’s anything CDC can also do, they are here with what they have available to help.

Next, Dan Menichella, CEO of CureVac, remarks that Cure Vac can make potent prophylactic vaccines and cancer treatments. He states that this year, they have four programs in phase one clinical trials and the coronavirus would be the fifth program in phase one. John Shiver says that the collaboration they have had with NIH and BARDA, who’s co-sponsoring their research to make sure that they do what they can to help with this problem. Lenny Schleifer says that they work with Secretary Azar’s group, BARDA and they came up with a cure for Ebola. He says that they make passive vaccine and therapeutic, where their drug will be able to protect you from getting infected and treat you if already infected.

Stephane Bancel states that they have already sent, in only 42 days from the sequence of the virus, their vaccine to Dr. Fauci’s team at the NIH. He adds that they are waiting for the vaccine to be a green light from the FDA. Next, Daniel O’Day thanks Trump for the efforts of the administration, the Secretary on the HIV eliminative program, which they are closely connected to. He remarks that they can eliminate this disease in the developed world. He adds that they have a medicine called Remdesivir, an antiviral used to treat coronavirus. Donald Trump asks him when he will know if it works. Daniel answers that they will know in April timeframe.

Mikael Dolsten says that for the COVID-19, they have identified medicines that have a high probability to be active against COVID-19. Next, Joseph Kim says that Inovio is the leader in coronavirus vaccine development. He says that they have a phase two product for related MERS coronavirus vaccine. He adds that their plan is to start the U.S.-based clinical trials for the COVID-19 vaccine in April. Next, Paul Stoffels that they are working with Tony on a phase two and a phase three study with HIV. He adds that they are deploying the same platform for corona. A reporter asks Trump what economic measures he is considering to boost the economy. Trump says that the Fed is looking at it. Another reporter asks him if he is considering tightening any of the travel regulations over the weekend. Donald Trump says that yes, they are. Next, a reporter asks President Trump whether he accepts that this will take longer probably than he would like. Trump says that he does not know what the time will be. He adds that the treatment element of it goes faster than the vaccine element of it.

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