Doll Quotes

Hi, my name is Donald

Donald Trump Talking Doll Donald Duck

No, not this Donald….

Start over.

Hi, my name is Donald…..

Donald Trump Talking Doll

No, not THAT Donald… Start over.

Hi, my name is Donald, the softly talking Presidential Parody bobble head doll that somewhat looks like THAT Donald and talks like him, but a lot softer, so you can pay close attention to him….

Donald Trump Talking Bobblehead
Donald Trump Talking Bobblehead

“What I say is what I say and honestly Megan, if you do not like it, well….” Anyway, the slideshow below are quotes from ME, the one and only Presidential Parody Bobble Head Talking Doll. Me and I and myself are the three most important things in this world after YOU who came here to BUY ME:-) That’s right, let’s stop beating around the bush. You wanna have fun, a good time and also learn some things, plus keep me as a piece of memorabilia or give me away as a gag gift, I do not care, as long as you BUY ME NOW. I know you can do it:-) Have fun and enjoy the slideshow and don’t forget to BUY ME!

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