What is a bobble head?

A bobble head is an overinflated head sitting on a disproportionally small, skinny body. The head is formed in a way to resemble somewhat to a given person that it intends to depict. Many times a caricature version of the head is used to make fun of or show special affection to the depicted person. It is normal and does not considered to be offensive as normally a bobble head conveys a joke, and can be easily interpreted as parody or gag, the subject of humor, fun, laughter. We created the perfect parody gag gift to honor and in the meantime make fun of President Trump with the Donald Trump talking bobble head that we have for sale.

Maing fun of the President of the US? Is not this illegal?

Absolutely not! The United States Constitution is the basic law that gives everyone the freedom of speech, the protected speech that is protected because it might be considered as rude, inconvenient or even dishonest, A celebrity or even just a relatively famous person who regural part of the news cycle, part of our lifes, part of the general public talk must tolerate the unpleasant, criticising, rude, nasty words, sentences, statements about him/her. Thr Office of the Presidency should be looked at the utmost respect, but still can be respectfully criticized. Our current President disgraced this office (allegedly) so many times, that our mild criticism and making fun of him will not hurt this fine and high office whatsoever. Thus it is NOT illegal to make fun of President Trump.