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Donald Trump Talking Doll In Gift Box


Product Description


NEW, Presidential, Collectible, Handmade, Beautifully Hand-Painted Talking Donald Trump
Election Bobble Head Doll

Introducing the one and only Handmade, Beautifully Hand-Painted Talking Donald Trump Election Bobble Head doll, the only bobble head that talks.

Material, Workmanship
This hand made election doll is made out of strong, poly-resin material painted with non-toxic, long lasting, shiny paint.

It is NOT a cheap plastic, small size imitation, but a nice, almost 8 inch tall perfectly crafted doll.

It is a real, high quality, valuable, collectible item, a true memento that will make you remember the 2016 election campaign for a long time.

It says
not one
not five
not ten or 20 or 30 phrases (like some ‘talking dolls’ do)
But 40+1 different outrageously funny sound bytes in a soft voice
to make sure he is the center of attention.

What does he say?
Check out the following example to hear him say
I have many billions of dollars
I am a conservative guy
I am a genius
We need to build a wall
Marco Rubio is a lightweight
We have very stupid leaders
Hillary is a disaster
Rosie O’Donnell is a disgusting human being
What I say is what I say
Let Jeb Bush Talk!
and many more…
All you have to do is just to push a button right behind him and he will randomly say one of the above phrases and many more.

Remember, his voice is low so him and his listener can have an intimate, one on one relationship.

Buy Now and Enjoy the Only Talking Donald Trump Bobble Head!

Packaging and Other Important Remarks:

The Donald Trump talking election bobble head is tightly packaged in a Styrofoam container to minimize damage during shipping.

Now let’s assume, you bought the doll and it arrived. Congratulations! We are sure that you are excited as you made an excellent decision. We know, you cannot wait to open it right away. Our advice: SLOW DOWN, NOT SO FAST. Read these because we are not responsible for damage you might cause by trying to rip him out of his cradle too fast.
Open the box carefully. DO NOT try to ‘shake out’ the Styrofoam container from the carton box because it is tightly packaged. Cut open the carton box and peel it off of the Styrofoam container.
Find the opening of the Styrofoam container. DO NOT pry it open, but open it SLOWLY.
After opening, hold his head carefully, and grab his body and AT THE SAME TIME SLOWLY PULL him out from his cradle. This way you will minimize the damage to his head could have caused by ripping him out of his cradle.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and we do our best to answer as soon as possible.

Buy Now and Enjoy this truly unique memory from the 2016 Election Campaign

Legal: this product is licensed under the Creative Commons License. Part of the proceeds go to charitable organizations supporting veterans.

Return policy, money back guarantee:  We do ask you to return the damaged product that if for some reason it broke during shipping. Every single package that we ship out is inspected BEFORE shipment and has a SEAL saying that is not broken and it talks loud enough. If, for some reason the item is broken, please send it back AFTER sending us pictures showing that is broken. We will refund you once we got the broken item back plus your shipping cost (as long as you show us a receipt). We strongly encourage you to buy insurance because this way, we will be able to get your money back a lot faster. If its head came off during you opening the package too fast, it is your negligence, we will not be able to honor any money back or replacement guarantee, but we can still fix it for you as long as you send it back.

Buy Now and Enjoy this fun and entertaining collectors item from the
2016 Election Campaign and enjoy this piece of history.


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